Luana Thomas – Creative designer

Lostwoods Nature Escapes

Web design | Copy writing | Front & backend development

Lostwoods Nature Escapes wanted to reconnect the relationship between humans and nature, with cabins across Australia to provide nature escapes. Being a start-up business we focused on the copywriting to bring this business to life. By highlighting all the health benefits that nature brings us for our emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. This trusting client let me bring his vision to life, where I took design lead and creative direction.

Collaborated with Muaaz Matwadia (who did the backend from scratch, integrating Hostaway – the only ones who gave access to make the backend look as we envisioned). We faced many adversities along the way, but with perseverance and support from the Superhi Team coding school, we found a way and even made it to their student hall of fame.

Freelance work in collaboration with Muaaz Matwadia