Luana Thomas – Creative designer

I am a total blam blam and all round senior creative

Looking for fulltime or fixed term positions

My name is Luana and I'm a Brazilian-born Londoner. In the last couple of years, I have worked in-house for a global streaming brand building it from the top down pushing and expressing it, across multi-channels without losing its soul and character. With strong organisational and communications skills, I have managed and lead various teams across different functions from quarterly meetings to close collaborations across sectors. I am a self-confessed philomath, you'll always see me learning something new. Some people get excited by exercising their biceps – me is by stretching my brain muscles through deep thinking. You can mainly find me in my local Epping forest, somewhere outdoors hiking, or in an art gallery in London.

Thanks, obrigada! Bonus points if you know the David Bowie reference.